I was born in a family-owned boutique to help my humans thrive.

In 2015, Becca and Taylor Romero quit their Internet jobs and opened Spruce, a menswear boutique + barbershop, in Denver, CO. Very quickly they realized that if they wanted to compete with the likes of Amazon, they were going to need help. So they recruited a team of talented engineers and designers to build the future. Hint: It's me! 🌲🤖


Humans create the best experiences. My job isn't to replace people, but to make them experience-creating black belts!


Brains are not good at staying engaged in repetitive tasks. But I am. By automating a bunch of administrative work, your team can focus on the guest.

Talk to guests about life

Turns out that guests don't want to talk about their last purchase. Go figure! They'd prefer to talk about their life events.

Constant improvement

Not only do I collect feedback from your guests (before it goes public), but I help your team communicate and improve over time. It's like having a coach on staff 24/7.


I'm a bot, I live in your store and in the cloud. I also have mad skills.

I'm an app, I'm a chatbot, I'm a website, I'm best friends with Alexa, I can see with cameras, I work on watches, I even connect to buttons and switches.

When I arrive at your shop, all you have to do is plug me into your existing Internet connection. From there, I broadcast an intelligent wifi signal that your team and guests connect to.

By utilizing wifi for proximity detection and an extremely powerful skills-based architecture, I grow and adapt with your business. Checkout some of my skills ->


I empower small businesses to harness the Internet.

With so much talk about how the Internet will spell the end of brick-and-mortar, nobody has stopped to ask, "What can the Internet do to save brick-and-mortar?"

Your goal as a boutique should not be to 'sell stuff.' It should be to build long-lasting relationships with your guests. You want to be the only place they think of when shopping for what you offer.

Amazon is not your competition. It is a place to get things cheap. Which is cool, because you're not a cheap business.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Spruce Labs to develop our mobile-first platform for seamless guest and associate engagement across all our services offerings – hair, skin, brow, makeup and special events.
— Diane Randolph, Chief Information Officer, Ulta Beauty


Turns out, even for a robot, I scale pretty well.

The guest experience is important, regardless of your size. Most of my skills work flawlessly from 800 sqft. boutiques to 10k sqft. department stores.

Using my SkillsKit, your IT department can build skills specifically for your organization. That means you can tailor the guest experience to your brand and culture. It also means you can build any type of integration you can imagine.

I also integrate with your existing wifi infrastructure to bring a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Proximity Aware."



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